Keep Jasper Thriving

Jasper Georgia is a beautiful town with natural beauty, kind people, and lots of potential. Downtown should be the thriving, beating heart of the community. For that to happen Jasper needs locally owned businesses that support the local community.

The real problem.

Downtown Jasper is being taken over by people from out of town, who just want to raise prices and take the money back to where they came from. These people are buying buildings and putting in their own businesses without supporting the local community.

Some of these people have already been run out of Canton and other towns. They bought buildings, raised the rent, and kept all the money for themselves. That is not good for Jasper.

62 cents of every dollar spent in a community stays in that community. Unless someone takes it out.

Out of town property owners and out of town business owners take money from the community instead of contributing to it.

When you spend money at a business that isn’t locally owned, the profits leave Jasper. When a local business is unable to find a locally owned building to lease, the profits leave Jasper.

Vote with your dollars.

You can support local businesses by:

Current Businesses in Downtown Jasper

Business Name Business Owner Building Owner
Bad Donkey Studio LOCAL Canton
Carriage House LOCAL LOCAL
Clocktower Gifts LOCAL LOCAL
Coach's Cuts LOCAL LOCAL
Daisy Boutique LOCAL LOCAL
Deb's Bakery LOCAL LOCAL
Designs on Main LOCAL LOCAL
Dog Tired Relics LOCAL ???
El Roble Mexican Restaurant ??? ???
First Mountain Tasting Room LOCAL Canton
Garner ACE Harware LOCAL LOCAL
Honeysuckle Florist LOCAL LOCAL
I Love NY Pizza Dahlonega Dahlonega
Katie Elle Salon Ellijay LOCAL
LC Tacos Canton Canton
Last Catch LOCAL ???
Lollidrops Candy LOCAL LOCAL
Mari Mari Treats LOCAL Canton
Mary Ann's Country Cooking LOCAL LOCAL
Natural Market Place LOCAL LOCAL
Old Mulehouse Part-Time Part-Time
Pendley Creek Brewing LOCAL LOCAL
Red Bean Coffee LOCAL Part-Time
Rene&rqsuo;s Dominican Barbershop LOCAL ???
Sharptop Catering LOCAL LOCAL
Sharptop Distilling LOCAL LOCAL
Speedburger LOCAL LOCAL
Tractor Supply Company Brentwood, TN Brentwood, TN
Vex-Go Cafe LOCAL ???
Victor Nails LOCAL LOCAL
Walgreens Deerfield, IL Deerfield, IL
Whipple Dogs LOCAL LOCAL
Woodbridge Inn Canton Canton